Woman Files Divorce After Husband Took Her To Ayodhya Instead Of Goa For Honeymoon

Written on 01/25/2024
Asia91 Team

A woman from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, has asked for a divorce from her Husband only eight months after marriage. She is upset because he promised to take her to Goa or abroad for their honeymoon, but instead, he took her to Ayodhya and Varanasi.



They both are working as IT professionals and got married last May. Despite having good jobs and enough money, the Husband didn't want to go abroad. 



He said they should visit a place in India because he needed to look after his parents. They agreed on Goa or South India, but he secretly changed plans to Ayodhya and Varanasi, telling her just a day before the trip.



The wife thought it was because his mom wanted to visit Ayodhya before a special ceremony at the Ram Mandir. She didn't say no then, but they had a big fight when they returned. 



Now they're in family court in Bhopal, getting counseling. She says he cares more about his family than her, but her Husband thinks she's making too much of it.



People have different opinions on this story, and their reactions vary:


"Husband was wrong for lying and deciding alone in their marriage. Wife did the right thing by standing up for herself."


"Husband a 'mamma's boy,' and he went to his mother's preferred places. It's honeymoon; you and your wife deserve some me time to roam around in the city and enjoy the life."


"Sadly, wife is a dealbreaker and home breaker."


"Excellent! The man has done a great work! If she wants a divorce for such a petty issue, she doesn't deserve him."



"I am glad that people see the issue isn't about the honeymoon location, but about the husband not discussing the plans with his wife, only telling her a day before the trip."



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