The U.S. Based Tech CEO Posts Nostalgic Photo from 2008 Bengaluru Trip and Praises Indian Software Developers

Written on 06/09/2024
Asia91 Team

Bengaluru, June 2024 – GitHub, the world's leading platform for software development collaboration, is not just a repository but the engine driving global code deployment. CEO Thomas Dohmke recently reflected on his first visit to India as GitHub's CEO with a nostalgic photo from 2008.



"Although this is my first visit as GitHub CEO in India, this is not my first time here. I love this country. This is me in 2008, in Bengaluru — I haven't aged at all. India is at the nexus of monumental economic opportunity, as it is set to become the world's largest developer community at the exact point in time when the age of AI is taking off. More from me on this soon. Fair warning: I'll be posting a lot this week. Namaste, India!"



  • Largest Code Repository: GitHub hosts over 372 million repositories, serving over 100 million developers globally​.


  • India's Rising Influence: With over 9 million developers, India is on track to become the largest developer community on GitHub by 2027.


  • GitHub's Global Impact: The platform facilitates over 1 billion contributions annually, making it a cornerstone of software development and open-source innovation​.



GitHub is integral to the developer community, offering tools for collaboration, code review, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD).




GitHub Constellation 2024:


This event in Bengaluru celebrates the Indian developer community, focusing on AI, collaboration, community, and security. It aims to bring developers together to share knowledge and advance their skills.


GitHub Constellation 2024 will focus on AI, collaboration, community, and security and celebrate India's developer community.


GitHub continues to be the engine powering global software development, with India playing an increasingly pivotal role. CEO Thomas Dohmke's visit and remarks underscore the platform's commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration among developers worldwide.



As GitHub looks to the future, India's tech community stands at the forefront of this digital revolution.