US Tamils Congratulate Modi!

Written on 06/08/2024
Asia91 Team

New York, NY - June 7, 2024: The US Tamils group, Tamils for Biden, has extended their heartfelt congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his third consecutive victory in the Indian parliamentary election. They expressed hopes for Modi to address the longstanding issue of Tamil sovereignty in Sri Lanka.


The Director of Tamils for Biden emphasized, “Just as India supported the independence of the Bengalis, Prime Minister Modi has the opportunity to take a stand against the genocide of Tamils by Sinhalese and help restore Tamil sovereignty.”


During recent visits by BJP leaders to Tamil Nadu, discussions centered on the Tamil genocide issue, condemning the Indian DMK and Congress for their past support of Rajapakse's policies in 2009.


S Tamils highlight global instances where oppressed populations have gained sovereignty, urging Modi to consider a similar approach for the Tamils in Sri Lanka.


US Tamils hope Modi's leadership will bring attention to Tamil issues in Sri Lanka, promoting justice and sovereignty for the oppressed group.


Tamils for Biden congratulate PM Modi on his election win, urging him to address Tamil sovereignty in Sri Lanka, drawing parallels with India's support for Bengali independence.


Source Disclosure: Tamils for Biden 

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