Countdown Begins: 60 Days to Apply for ‘Dining Out NYC’!

Written on 06/08/2024
Asia91 Team

New York, NY - The New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) has announced a 60-day countdown for restaurants currently participating in the temporary outdoor dining program to apply for the new permanent program, Dining Out NYC. Restaurants must apply online by August 3 to continue operating their outdoor dining setups during the approval process. Failure to apply will result in the removal of their setups by the deadline.


NYC DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez emphasized the importance of prompt application, stating, “Don’t delay, apply today! Restaurants with outdoor dining setups have until August 3 to apply for Dining Out NYC, and we are making it as easy as possible to participate. New Yorkers enjoy outdoor dining and the vibrancy it brings to our communities, and that is why we are proud that Dining Out NYC has made outdoor dining a permanent part of our streets.”


NYC Department of Small Business Services Commissioner Kevin D. Kim highlighted the transformative impact of outdoor dining, adding, “Outdoor dining has changed the way New Yorkers experience their city and their streets, and has become integral to the thousands of restaurants, bars, and cafes across the five boroughs.


If you're a small business owner and need help with your outdoor dining application, SBS is ready to walk you through the process and connect you with the resources you need! Call us on our hotline at 888-SBS-4NYC, go to the Dining Out NYC website, and visit the new online Dining Out Marketplace. Move over, Paris-- New York is the global destination for outdoor dining!”



The permanent Dining Out NYC program aims to sustain the vibrant outdoor dining culture in New York City, benefiting both businesses and the community.