Telangana IT Minister Pays Tribute in Atlanta!

Written on 06/08/2024
Asia91 Team

Atlanta, GA - June 6, 2024: In a heartfelt ceremony, Telangana's IT Minister, Duddilla Sridhar Babu, honored Mahatma Gandhi by offering floral tributes at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Site in Atlanta. The event took place on June 4, with Babu adorning a life-size bronze statue of Gandhi, celebrating the enduring legacies of both Gandhi and Dr. King.


Babu, after garlanding the statue, remarked, “Certain messages are timeless. Martin Luther King’s and Mahatma Gandhi’s messages are very relevant. They are fresh to every age in every generation. Sometimes it becomes even more relevant.”


Executive Director Antony Thaliath of GFUSA welcomed the attendees, with Chairman Subash Razdan presiding over the solemn service. Razdan reminisced about the installation of the Gandhi Statue in 1998, highlighting the efforts of the Indian Embassy, various community organizations, and the National Park Service in making the statue a reality. This monument has served as a beacon of non-violence and peace for millions of visitors.


Ravi Ponangi, GFUSA's media director, introduced Sridhar Babu, emphasizing his significant roles in the Telangana government and his background in politics and sports. Babu, alongside GFUSA members and guests, visited several key sites, including the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Freedom Hall, and the King Crypts, where he paid his respects.