DFW-Based Indian H-1B Holder Sues JPMorgan Chase Plano for Discrimination

Written on 06/07/2024
Asia91 Team

(Frisco,TX) - An Indian H-1B visa holder, Mr. Khare, is suing JPMorgan Chase Plano, alleging racial discrimination and retaliatory actions by his supervisors. The lawsuit details instances of hostility, unrealistic work expectations, and unfair termination, highlighting the struggles faced by Mr. Khare as an immigrant professional in the U.S. financial services sector.


Detailed Story:


Mr. Khare, an Indian citizen residing in Frisco, Texas, has filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase Plano, claiming racial discrimination and retaliatory conduct by his supervisors.



Mr. Khare, who holds an H-1B visa, began his career in the United States in 2015. He eventually joined Chase in 2022 after a successful tenure at Verizon.



Mr. Khare's career journey saw him promoted several times at Verizon, where his peers and superiors recognized his skills and contributions.



In 2022, Viraj Parekh, who had previously promoted Mr. Khare at Verizon, recruited him to Chase. Mr. Khare's role as Vice President of Product Management at Chase required the company to sponsor his H-1B visa, enabling him to work legally in the United States.



However, Mr. Khare's experience at Chase quickly turned sour. His supervisors allegedly began treating him with hostility due to his race and national origin.



Despite Mr. Khare's attempts to meet their demands, his supervisors reportedly set unrealistic deadlines, misrepresented his work, and assigned contradictory tasks, creating an environment designed for him to fail.



Allegations and Incidents:


  • Hostile Treatment: Mr. Khare alleges that his supervisors created emails misrepresenting his work and assigned him tasks with unattainable deadlines.


  • Contradictory Assignments: Mr. Khare was given conflicting instructions and tasks outside the scope of his job description and H-1B visa application, making it difficult to complete projects successfully.


  • Public Humiliation: In one instance, Mr. Khare was required to present a proposal with less than five minutes notice, during which his supervisors verbally attacked him, misrepresented his suggestions, and belittled his capabilities.


  • Duplicative Work Incident:


One of the most dramatic incidents occurred during a meeting when a senior team member, Jain, informed Mr. Khare that the tasks he had been working on were duplicative and unnecessary.


One of his supervisors was present during this revelation. This disclosure was particularly frustrating for Mr. Khare, as he had dedicated substantial time to these projects, only to learn that his work was essentially meaningless.


The stress and frustration of having his efforts dismissed in such a manner were compounded by the presence of his supervisor, adding to the sense of betrayal and undermining.


  • Bangalore Trip Incidents:


In January 2023, Mr. Khare planned a trip to India to get his visa stamped. He informed his supervisor of his travel plans in October 2022 and requested an extension of his start date to accommodate this trip.


His supervisor denied the request but asked Mr. Khare to extend his trip to meet Chase's team in Bangalore. Complying with this request, Mr. Khare changed his return date from March 6 to March 15, 2023, to facilitate this meeting.



On March 1, 2023, Mr. Khare worked in Chase's Bangalore office. Around 8:00 p.m. Indian Standard Time, after being in the office for eight hours and not feeling well, Mr. Khare requested permission from his supervisor to skip the weekly team meeting held at the beginning of the workday for his colleagues in Texas.



The supervisor had canceled the two previous weekly meetings due to travel, but this time, he insisted on holding the meeting and directed Mr. Khare to present his proposal.



With less than five minutes' notice, Mr. Khare was required to present his proposal to the team. During the presentation, his supervisors verbally attacked Mr. Khare, misrepresenting certain aspects of his proposal to suggest it was unworkable.


They sought to create the impression that Mr. Khare needed to be more proficient in English by mischaracterizing straightforward suggestions.



This public humiliation was part of a pattern of discriminatory treatment that Mr. Khare alleges was motivated by his race and national origin.


The allegations detail a series of events that not only impacted Mr. Khare's professional career but also caused significant emotional and financial distress. The case continues to develop as it proceeds through the legal system.


Legal Disclaimer: The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. The information provided in this article is based on court documents in which Mr. Khare made these allegations, and they should not be considered proven facts. JPMorgan Chase has not yet responded to these claims in court, and the case is pending legal adjudication.


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