Tragic Accident in Alpharetta Claims Lives of Three Indian American Students

Written on 05/22/2024
Asia91 Team

ALPHARETTA, GA - In a devastating accident, three Indian American students—Aryan Joshi, Sriya Avasarala, and Anvi Sharma—lost their lives when their speeding car crashed and overturned on Westside Parkway on May 14. Two other students were injured in the incident.


The tight-knit community of Alpharetta, Georgia, is mourning the tragic loss of three Indian American students who died in a horrific car accident on May 14. The victims, all aged 18, were identified as Aryan Joshi, a senior at Alpharetta High School, and Sriya Avasarala and Anvi Sharma, both freshmen at the University of Georgia. Joshi and Avasarala were pronounced dead at the scene, while Sharma succumbed to her injuries later at North Fulton Hospital.


Rithwak Somepalli, a student at Georgia State University, was driving the car when he lost control, causing the vehicle to flip upside down into a tree line. Alongside Somepalli, Mohammed Liyakath, a senior at Alpharetta High School, was also injured in the crash. Local media reported that it remains unclear whether Somepalli will face charges for the accident.


Avasarala was known for her involvement with the UGA Shikaari dance team, while Sharma sang with the UGA Kalakaar a cappella group. Joshi played for the Alpharetta High cricket team and was eagerly looking forward to his graduation, just a week away.



  • Victims Identified: Aryan Joshi, Sriya Avasarala, and Anvi Sharma, all 18.
  • Accident Details: The speeding car overturned and crashed into a tree line on Westside Parkway.
  • Driver and Injured: Rithwak Somepalli, the driver, and Mohammed Liyakath were injured.
  • Community Mourning: Alpharetta High School and the University of Georgia released statements expressing their condolences.


Community Reactions

Friends and classmates have taken to social media to share their grief and memories. Joshi’s teammates described him as a "caring and kind" individual who was instrumental in their cricket team's successes. The UGA Shikaari dance team remembered Avasarala for her ability to bring joy through dance, while the UGA Kalakaar group praised Sharma for her enthusiasm and zest for life.

Anisha Hadimani, a friend of Avasarala and Joshi, expressed her disbelief at the tragic news, highlighting the irreplaceable loss to their community. “It really puts things into perspective,” she said, underscoring the fragility of life.




The untimely deaths of Aryan Joshi, Sriya Avasarala, and Anvi Sharma have left a profound void in their families and the Indian American community. As their loved ones navigate this difficult time, the outpouring of support and heartfelt tributes reflect the deep impact these young individuals had on those around them. Their memories and contributions will forever be cherished.