Indian Student from Andhra Pradesh Killed in New York Bike Accident

Written on 05/24/2024
Asia91 Team

NEW YORK - In a tragic incident, Shri Belem Atchyuth, an Indian student from Andhra Pradesh studying at the State University of New York (SUNY), lost his life in a bike accident. The Indian Consulate General is coordinating with Atchyuth’s family to repatriate his remains.


Shri Belem Atchyuth, a bright student from Andhra Pradesh, was pursuing his studies at the State University of New York (SUNY). His promising journey was abruptly ended when he was involved in a fatal bike accident in New York.


The Indian Consulate General in New York expressed their deepest condolences and confirmed they are in touch with Atchyuth’s family, providing all necessary assistance to bring his remains back to India.


The Indian mission's social media post read, “Saddened to learn about the untimely demise of Shri Belem Atchyuth, a student at SUNY who met with a bike accident and passed away yesterday evening; our deepest condolences to the family. @IndiainNewYork is in touch with the bereaved family & local agencies to extend all assistance including sending the mortal remains back to India.”


  • Victim Identified: Shri Belem Atchyuth, an Indian student from Andhra Pradesh studying at SUNY.
  • Accident Details: Atchyuth died in a bike accident in New York on Wednesday.
  • Consulate Assistance: The Indian Consulate General in New York is assisting with repatriation efforts.
  • Recent Incidents: This tragedy is part of a series of accidents and attacks on Indian students in the US in 2024.


Related Incidents

In another unrelated but equally tragic event, three Indian-origin students were killed and two others injured in a car crash in Alpharetta, Georgia. The victims were identified as Aryan Joshi, Sriya Avasarala, and Anvi Sharma. The Alpharetta Police reported that the vehicle lost control and flipped upside down. This incident is part of a troubling trend of accidents involving Indian students in the US.

Last month, a horrific car accident in South Carolina's Greenville County claimed the lives of three Indian women from Gujarat. The overspeeding SUV they were traveling in veered off the road, crashing into trees.




The tragic death of Shri Belem Atchyuth has left his family and the Indian community in deep sorrow. His loss highlights the increasing concerns over the safety of Indian students in the US. The Indian government continues to engage with US authorities to address these issues. The Desi South Asian community mourns yet another promising life cut short and calls for better safety measures.