NYC Public Schools Unveil Ambitious Class Size Reduction Plan!

Written on 06/02/2024
Asia91 Team

NEW YORK, NY - The New York City Public Schools (NYCPS) has released a draft of the second annual Class Size Reduction Plan for the 2024-2025 school year. This comprehensive plan aims to improve the percentage of classes meeting new size caps by 3% across all districts, with $182 million allocated to support this goal.


New York City Public Schools (NYCPS) has released the draft Class Size Reduction Plan for 2024-2025. The plan sets targets to increase the percentage of classes at or below the new size caps by 3%. Principals can use new funds to hire staff, repurpose space, optimize teacher schedules, reallocate existing funds, and utilize virtual learning.


NYCPS is providing an additional $45 million in Contracts for Excellence funds and $137 million for class size reduction, focusing on high-need schools with space availability. Schools Chancellor David C. Banks said the plan outlines steps to ensure compliance with class size laws and supports teacher recruitment with $182 million in new funding.




  • Compliance Rates: NYCPS maintained a 40% compliance rate for the 2023-2024 school year.
  • District and Borough Performance: Districts 23, 7, and 16 have the highest rates of classes at or below the caps.
  • High-Need Schools Focus: Schools with the most need have 62% of their classes at or below the caps.
  • Space and Staffing Needs: Approximately 540 schools require additional space; NYCPS plans to hire 10-12,000 teachers.
  • Recruitment Efforts: Enhanced recruitment includes an earlier application window, peer recruiters, school tours, and stipends.
  • Capital Planning: Plans to increase seats in high-need areas and convert spaces in 25 schools.


The Class Size Reduction Plan aims to improve educational environments across NYC. With a $182 million investment, the plan targets high-need schools to create smaller classes. This effort is expected to enhance learning outcomes and ensure compliance with class size laws.


The Indian and Desi South Asian community looks forward to the positive changes this plan will bring. Collaborative efforts of educators and community members will be crucial for success. We anticipate significant improvements in class sizes and educational quality in NYC.