Dr. Rekha Bhandari Receives Excellence in Healthcare Award from AIA!

Written on 06/05/2024
Asia91 Team

NEW YORK, June 3 - Dr. Rekha Bhandari, a renowned general physician based in New York, is among five individuals of Indian origin awarded by the Association of Indians in America (AIA). Dr. Bhandari was honored with the “Excellence in Healthcare Administration” award, recognizing her outstanding contributions to healthcare.


The Association of Indians in America (AIA), New York chapter, one of the oldest national associations representing people of Indian origin in the US, awarded Dr. Rekha Bhandari the “Excellence in Healthcare Administration” award.


Dr. Bhandari expressed her gratitude, stating, “AIA is one of the oldest organizations representing the Indian-American community. Many of the recipients in the past have been Nobel laureates, and it’s my absolute honor and with humility I accept this award.”


The celebrated event gathered people from across the New York tri-state area, upstate New York, and neighboring states. Senate Major Leader Chuck Schumer was the special guest of honor for the award ceremony.


Dr. Rekha Bhandari serves as the Chief Medical Officer of MedElite Group and is the Healthcare Innovator and Founder of ‘Infinite Medical Group’ and ‘ReNew Wound Care.’ Her contributions to the medical field were previously recognized with the prestigious 2016 Ellis Island Medal of Honor, awarded by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO).



  • Award Ceremony: Dr. Rekha Bhandari received the “Excellence in Healthcare Administration” award from AIA.
  • Special Guest: Senate Major Leader Chuck Schumer was the guest of honor at the event.
  • Professional Background: Dr. Bhandari is the Chief Medical Officer of MedElite Group and founder of ‘Infinite Medical Group’ and ‘ReNew Wound Care.’
  • Previous Honors: She is also a recipient of the 2016 Ellis Island Medal of Honor.


Dr. Rekha Bhandari’s recognition by the AIA highlights her significant contributions to healthcare and her influence within the Indian-American community. The award ceremony, graced by Senate Major Leader Chuck Schumer, underscored the importance of celebrating achievements within the Indian diaspora.


As Dr. Bhandari continues to innovate and lead in healthcare, her awards and honors reflect her dedication and impact. The Indian-American community takes pride in her accomplishments, which set a benchmark for excellence and service. We wish Dr. Bhandari the best of luck and request everyone to respect her privacy and allow her time to celebrate this achievement with her family.