Maryland Invests $5M to Fight Asian Hate Crimes

Written on 05/24/2024
Asia91 Team

ROCKVILLE, Maryland – Maryland is taking a strong stance against the rising hate crimes targeting Asian communities with a $5 million investment, as announced by Lieutenant Governor Aruna Miller during the 2024 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month celebration.


  • Significant Investment: Maryland has allocated over $5 million to combat hate crimes against Asian communities.


  • Rising Incidents: Hate crimes against Asians in Maryland have increased by 150%.


  • Diverse Leadership: The Moore-Miller administration boasts the most diverse cabinet in Maryland's history, with notable AAPI leaders.


  • Community Contributions: Maryland's 400,000+ Asian American residents are key contributors to the state’s diversity and economic growth.


Addressing Hate Crimes:

Lieutenant Governor Miller emphasized the need to combat hate crimes and right the wrongs, urging the community's support in these efforts. She highlighted the alarming rise in hate crimes and the state's commitment to addressing them through significant investment and community collaboration.


Diverse Leadership and Contributions:

Miller proudly noted the diverse makeup of the state's cabinet, recognizing the contributions of leaders like Secretary of State Susan Lee and others. The celebration also featured remarks from Governor Wes Moore and other prominent figures, underscoring the importance of unity and collaboration in promoting understanding and growth.


Economic and Cultural Impact:

Speakers highlighted the economic contributions and cultural richness brought by the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. The event also showcased cultural performances from various Asian countries, reflecting the diverse heritage and talent within Maryland.


Maryland's Commitment to Inclusion:

Governor Wes Moore and other officials reaffirmed their commitment to fostering an inclusive environment, recognizing the pivotal role of higher education and community partnerships in driving progress and ensuring no one is left behind.





Maryland's $5 million investment and the diverse leadership within the state highlight a robust effort to combat hate crimes and celebrate the contributions of Asian American communities. The state stands as a model of inclusion and unity, working together to rise together.