New York Indian Film Festival 2024 Kicks Off with Glamorous SoHo Event

Written on 06/01/2024
Asia91 Team

NEW YORK, New York – The New York Indian Film Festival 2024 began with a successful kickoff event at Āve India Design Collective in SoHo, promising an exciting lineup from May 31st to June 2nd.



On the festival's opening night, he featured renowned fashion designer Mayyur Girotra, known for his blend of Indian embroidery and Western styles, in a talk on Fashion and Film.


The session, moderated by Shriya Bhattacharya of Business Insider, explored the relationship between fashion and cinema in Indian storytelling.


The event also previewed the festival's diverse films, star-studded premieres, and insightful documentaries.


Key Points:


  • Event Highlights: Talkback session with designer Mayyur Girotra on Fashion and Film.


  • Moderation: Shriya Bhattacharya from Business Insider.


  • Insights: Girotra discussed the importance of cultural narratives in fashion and cinema.


  • Support: Mira Sagar of Āve India Design Collective expressed delight in supporting the festival.


  • Festival Preview: Sneak peek into the lineup featuring premieres, documentaries, and shorts.


  • Networking: Attendees enjoyed wine, light bites, and discussions on independent cinema.


  • Organizers' Statements: Suman Gollamudi and Poonam Khubani emphasized the celebration of pioneering cinema and storytelling.




The New York Indian Film Festival 2024 has set an inspiring tone with its opening event, showcasing the synergy between fashion and film. As the festival continues, it promises to celebrate the richness of Indian cinema and its diverse voices.