Indian-Origin Doctor Wins NY State’s Highest Honor

Written on 06/01/2024
Asia91 Team

ALBANY, New York—On May 15, 2024, Dr. Hari Shukla received the Liberty Medal from Senator Toby Ann Stavisky for his groundbreaking work in neonatal pediatric medicine. Dr. Shukla has served the Queens community for over thirty years.


Dr. Hari Shukla, who operates a practice in Flushing, Queens, has been honored for his contributions to neonatal medicine, particularly for developing "Shukla’s formula," which improves the safety of delivering fluids and medications to premature infants.


Indian-Origin Doctor Becomes First South-Asian American to Receive the NY state’s highest honor.


Key Points:


  • Recognition: First South-Asian American to receive the Liberty Medal.


  • Innovation: Developed a formula that improves the safety of medical procedures for premature babies.


  • Impact: Formula used worldwide, helping save thousands of lives.


  • Community Service: Over 30 years of service in Queens, focusing on the South Asian community.


  • Other Contributions: Introduced surfactant therapy for preterm babies in New York and conducted significant research on jaundice and polio.


Dr. Hari Shukla's achievements in neonatal medicine and his dedication to his community exemplify the qualities honored by the Liberty Medal. His work continues to impact lives globally, demonstrating the profound influence one individual can have on healthcare and community service.