What Does It Mean for American Cricket to Get A-Listed by ICC?

Written on 06/01/2024
Asia91 Team

NEW YORK, New York – Major League Cricket (MLC) in the United States has been granted List-A status by the International Cricket Council (ICC), marking a significant milestone in the growth of cricket in America.



The ICC has officially given Major League Cricket (MLC) List-A status. This recognition designates MLC as America's first world-class domestic T20 league.



Achievements like centuries, half-centuries, and 'five-for' will now be recorded as official statistics. This development will also boost the recognition and development of local US players on an international level.



Key Points:


  • Significance: MLC is now an official T20 league.


  • Impact: Player achievements will be recorded officially.


  • Expansion: Plans to grow from 19 games in 2023 to 34 games by 2025.


  • Community Engagement: Fans are encouraged to purchase tickets early for an action-packed season.




The elevation of MLC to List-A status underscores the growing popularity and potential of cricket in the United States. With expanded seasons and increased fan engagement, MLC is set to capture the hearts of American sports enthusiasts and firmly establish cricket as a major sport in the country.