Indian-Origin Salim Ramji to Lead Vanguard, Managing Over $9 Trillion in Assets

Written on 05/19/2024
Asia91 Team

Salim Ramji, born to Tanzanian immigrants of Indian origin and raised in Canada, has been appointed as the new CEO of Vanguard Group. With his vast experience in wealth management, Ramji brings a unique perspective to managing over $9 trillion in assets. 


His leadership is anticipated to enhance Vanguard's financial advisory services and democratize investment access.



  1. Leadership Transition at Vanguard:

    • Salim Ramji, formerly of BlackRock, will succeed Tim Buckley as Vanguard's CEO and Chairman, starting July 8.

    • Ramji’s appointment marks a significant leadership transition for Vanguard as the company seeks to expand its role in financial advice and wealth management.

  2. Professional Background and Achievements:

    • With over a decade at BlackRock, Ramji led significant growth initiatives, particularly in iShares and index investments.

    • His leadership in democratizing the proxy voting process and expanding low-cost investment options has been widely recognized.

  3. Strategic Focus Areas:

    • Under Ramji's leadership, Vanguard aims to enhance its financial advice offerings and continue integrating technology to improve client experiences.

    • He is expected to tackle challenges such as client service improvements and expanding Vanguard’s global footprint.

  4. Cultural and Organizational Shifts:

    • This external appointment is a departure from Vanguard's tradition of internal leadership succession, reflecting a strategic pivot towards fresh perspectives and diversified expertise.

    • Ramji’s diverse background, including his tenure at McKinsey and his legal expertise, provides a broad strategic outlook beneficial for Vanguard’s next growth phase.

  5. Personal Insights:

    • Born to Tanzanian immigrants of Indian origin and raised in Canada, Ramji's diverse personal history shapes his approach to leadership and investment philosophy.

    • His early life experiences, from working in his family’s grocery store to debating in school, have ingrained a strong sense of resilience and adaptability.

  6. Future Outlook:

    • As Vanguard navigates shifts in the investment landscape, from actively managed funds to ETFs, Ramji’s experience will be crucial in maintaining Vanguard’s competitive edge.

    • His role will be pivotal in addressing both existing client service challenges and exploring new market opportunities.


The strategic hire of Salim Ramji not only signals a new chapter for Vanguard but also underscores the firm’s commitment to innovation and broadening investment access for millions globally. As the financial industry continues to evolve, Ramji’s extensive background and visionary leadership are expected to drive significant advancements in how wealth management services are delivered and experienced.