What is the Backpack Campaign Launched by Frisco ISD?

Written on 05/01/2024
Asia91 Team

 In an effort to support students in need, the Community Relations team at Frisco ISD has launched a compassionate campaign to address the challenges faced by economically disadvantaged students. With the support of the community, the initiative seeks to provide students with the resources they need to thrive academically from day one.


Key Details:


  • The campaign invites community members to contribute to the cause by purchasing one or more supply kits and backpacks tailored for elementary/middle school or high school students.


  • All purchases will be shipped directly to the campuses, ensuring that students in need receive the supplies in time for the new school year.


  • Ashley Sine, the Community Relations Director, expresses hope that these kits will offer much-needed support to economically disadvantaged families, providing a reassuring boost as students embark on their educational journey.


  • Frisco ISD recognizes the prevalence of low socioeconomic status students within its district. To address the pressing needs of students at various educational levels, Frisco ISD aims to distribute 6,000 school supply kits across all 77 campuses.


  • Community members interested in contributing to the initiative or seeking further information are encouraged to contact Laura Mealey, the Community Outreach Liaison, at mealeyl@friscoisd.org.


As the campaign gains momentum, the Frisco ISD community stands united in its commitment to empowering every student to succeed. Through collective efforts, the initiative aims to create a positive impact, ensuring that no student is left behind due to financial barriers, and paving the way for a brighter future for all.


Asia91.com encourages you to donate (if possible) for this noble cause, show compassion, and share the blessings.

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