Indian-American Doctor Prescribed Knee Brace to Person with Amputated Legs; Ran Telemarketing Ring to Operate Medicare Scam

Written on 04/30/2024
Asia91 Team

An Indian-American doctor, Adarsh Gupta, has been found guilty by a federal jury in a $5.4 million Medicare fraud involving orthotic braces. Gupta's fraudulent actions included prescribing unnecessary braces to thousands of beneficiaries after short phone calls. He now faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.


Key Points:


  • Adarsh Gupta prescribed orthotic braces to over 2,900 Medicare beneficiaries without proper examination.


  • Telemarketers convinced beneficiaries to accept the braces, after which Gupta would prescribe them following brief phone conversations.


  • After speaking with an undercover agent for just over a minute, Gupta prescribed braces, including back, shoulder, wrist, and knee braces.


  • Shockingly, Gupta prescribed a knee brace to a person with amputated legs, indicating a lack of proper medical assessment.


  • The evidence revealed that Gupta's prescriptions falsely claimed medical necessity and care plans for the beneficiaries.


  • Brace supply companies utilized these fraudulent prescriptions to bill Medicare over $5.4 million.


The conviction of Adarsh Gupta serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of healthcare fraud. With sentencing scheduled for October 8, the case highlights the importance of ethical medical practices and the vigilance required to protect healthcare systems from exploitation.

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