While millions of Indians wait for Green Cards, a record number of Indians receive U.S. citizenship

Written on 04/25/2024
Asia91 Team

In 2022, a significant number of Indian nationals became US citizens, placing India as the second largest source country after Mexico for new citizenships according to a Congressional report.


According to the latest Congressional Research Service report, as many as 65,960 Indians officially became US citizens in 2022, making India the second-largest source of new US citizens after Mexico.


This highlights a continuing trend of increasing naturalization among Indian immigrants in the United States, amidst a broader landscape where foreign-born persons constitute a significant portion of the US population.


Key Points


  • High Naturalization Numbers: 65,960 Indians became US citizens in 2022, making India the second largest source after Mexico for US citizenship.


  • Population Statistics: An estimated 46 million foreign-born persons resided in the US in 2022, which is about 14% of the total population.


  • Naturalization Eligibility: Approximately 53% of the foreign-born population in the US are naturalized citizens, with a notable percentage still ineligible for citizenship.


  • Major Source Countries: Other significant source countries for naturalization include the Philippines, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.


  • Decrease in Backlogs: The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has significantly reduced the backlog of naturalization applications since 2020.


  • Application Trends: Despite the backlog reduction, the number of new naturalization applications remains below the potential, with many eligible residents not applying.


Now, here is a chart visualizing the number of naturalizations by country for the year 2022 to clearly see the contributions from various countries.

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