From Short Film to Hollywood: A tale of a South Asian girl defying her father's wishes by wearing a turban.

Written on 04/28/2024
Asia91 Team

A South Asian girl's courageous decision to embrace her turban against her father's wishes takes center stage in the acclaimed short film "Kaur," now set for a Hollywood transformation into a feature-length production starring Parvinder Shergill.

Image Copyright: IMDB



  • "Kaur" made its debut on British streaming platforms ITVX and BritBox, breaking ground as the first film to chronicle the journey of a British Sikh woman embracing her turban.


  • Parvinder Shergill, who portrayed the lead role in the short film, joins forces with Juggy Sohal to pen the screenplay for the upcoming feature-length remake.


  • Shergill anticipates an expansive production for the Hollywood remake, promising new characters and a broader narrative scope.


  • In an interview with BBC, Shergill expresses enthusiasm for the opportunity to enhance representation of South Asian artists in Hollywood, both in front of and behind the camera.


  • The film explores themes of identity and familial dynamics within a Sikh household, tackling issues of tradition, acceptance, and the adversity of racism and discrimination.


As "Kaur" evolves from a short film to a Hollywood feature, it not only amplifies the voices of British Sikhs but also ignites discussions about cultural identity and societal challenges in today's diverse landscape.

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