Austin Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Frisco Homes, Motive Unknown

Written on 04/23/2024
Asia91 Team

Frisco police report that a man set fires in two separate incidents, one of which resulted in significant damage to several homes. The fires occurred in different neighborhoods, six miles apart.


Frisco residents were alarmed as two fires ravaged their neighborhoods, causing destruction and raising concerns about safety. The suspect, identified as 29-year-old Jonathan Webb, was arrested after being spotted near one of the fire scenes. Investigations are ongoing to uncover the motives behind these reckless acts.

Key Details:

  • A three-alarm fire destroyed a home under construction in Chapel Creek Estates, spreading and damaging seven other houses.


  • Frisco Fire Marshal Kelly Kistner stated, "At this time, the investigation is still ongoing. So we don’t have a motive, we don’t have the why, we don’t have the how."


  • Webb faces arson charges for the three-alarm fire at Chapel Creek Estates.


  • Surveillance footage captured Webb allegedly setting fire to a large trash container in another neighborhood.


  • Webb was initially arrested for public intoxication and later charged with deadly conduct and arson.


  • Despite being from Austin, Webb's involvement in the Frisco fires remains puzzling to authorities.


Jonathan Webb, the suspect in the arson cases, remains uncooperative as he is held in the Denton County Jail on a $160,000 bond.

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