Three Indian Women from the Same Family Die in South Carolina

Written on 04/27/2024
Asia91 Team

Three Indian women, residents of Gujarat, lost their lives in a devastating car accident in South Carolina, USA, when their SUV careened off the road and crashed into trees.


Three women from Gujarat met a tragic end in a car accident in Greenville County, South Carolina. Rekhaben Patel, Manishaben Patel, and Sangitaben Patel, who had made their home in Georgia, were the victims of this heart-wrenching incident.


What Exactly Happened:


  • The SUV carrying the victims veered off Interstate 85 at Staunton Bridge Road and crashed into trees.


  • Deputy Coroner Mike Ellis highlighted the high speed of the SUV, evident from its trajectory and impact.


  • Ellis noted the rarity of such a scene, emphasizing the significant distance traveled by the vehicle.


  • Emergency responders, including the South Carolina Highway Patrol and local EMS units, swiftly arrived at the scene.


  • Unfortunately, the three women succumbed to their injuries, while the driver sustained injuries and was hospitalized.


  • Family members were alerted by the vehicle's detection system, leading to the notification of local authorities.


  • Chief Deputy Coroner Mike Ellis expressed the profound grief over the loss of three lives in a single family.


"It is obvious they were traveling above the posted speed limit," said Chief Deputy Coroner Mike Ellis.

"Very seldom do you see a vehicle that leaves the roadway at such a high rate of speed...," Ellis remarked.

"When you got family, probably related, three deceased, it is nothing that you want to ever see," Ellis expressed.


The investigation into the speed of the vehicle before the tragic crash continues while the community mourns the loss of these three women from Gujarat, highlighting the fragility of life and the importance of road safety.

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