"I am from a Good Family": Indian Student on Getting Arrested for Shoplifting at DFW Airport, Texas

Written on 04/24/2024
Asia91 Team

Dallas Airport Police recently released body cam footage of an Indian-origin student arrested for shoplifting at DFW Airport. This incident, which occurred on January 29th, came to light as the police made the video public last week. 

Video Link Down 

The footage shows the student attempting to steal a $125 wallet just before his flight back to India. Despite the clear 4K video evidence, the student claimed that a store employee had given him the wallet as part of a promotion, a claim refuted by the absence of such offers.

Video Link Down 

The Indian community has shown mixed reactions to the video. Some believe the student was not given a fair chance to explain himself, suggesting a misunderstanding, especially since the employee he mentioned was not present. Others think his intentions were dishonest. This is the second similar incident in the last two weeks, highlighting concerns over actions that can tarnish the reputation of the community abroad.


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