Tragic Car Crash in Arizona Claims Lives of 2 Indian Students from Telangana

Written on 04/23/2024
Asia91 Team



Two Indian students, Nivesh Mukka and Goutham Parsi, tragically lost their lives in a devastating car accident in Phoenix City, Arizona, on April 20. 


The collision occurred when a Ford truck collided head-on with the Kia Forte they were passengers in. Both 19-year-olds, originally from Telangana, were enrolled at Arizona State University.


On April 20, a fatal car crash in Phoenix City, Arizona, claimed the lives of two Indian students, Nivesh Mukka and Goutham Parsi. 

Riding as passengers in a Kia Forte, they were struck by a Ford truck, resulting in their untimely deaths. Hailing from Telangana, both young men were pursuing their studies at Arizona State University.


Key Details:


  • The driver of the Kia Forte and the truck sustained serious injuries and were hospitalized but have since been discharged.


  • CBS5 reported that investigations into the cause of the collision are ongoing, with speed or impairment being potential factors.


  • Peoria Police expressed gratitude towards citizens who provided aid during the accident and thanked the community for their patience during the road closure for investigation.



Nivesh Mukka, a recent graduate in Computer Science from ASU, and Goutham Parsi, a sophomore engineering student, leave behind promising academic and professional futures. 


Mukka's LinkedIn profile reflects his dedication to community engagement and family, while Parsi's involvement as an Underground Teaching Assistant showcases his commitment to education. 


Their tragic passing leaves a void not only in their families but also in the academic and social circles they were a part of.


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