One of the Largest Walmart Supercenters is opening in Frisco!

Written on 04/21/2024
Asia91 Team

Get ready, Frisco! The new Walmart Supercenter, opening at 16600 FM 423, is not just any store—it's set to be one of the largest in Texas. Spanning nearly 200,000 square feet, this retail giant will join the ranks of the state's biggest Walmart locations. 


Scheduled to open in 2025, this store promises to be a landmark in shopping and convenience, significantly enhancing the local and regional retail scene.


Key insight:


  • Location and Size: The new Supercenter at 16600 FM 423 will occupy nearly 200,000 square feet, making it one of the largest Walmart stores in Texas. This size is comparable to some of the biggest Walmarts in the state.


  • Top 5 Largest Walmarts in Texas for Context:
    • Houston, TX: ~ 180,000 square feet
    • Dallas, TX: ~ 180,000 square feet
    • San Antonio, TX: ~ 170,000 square feet
    • Austin, TX: ~ 160,000 square feet
    • Fort Worth, TX: ~ 150,000 square feet


  • Strategic Location: Positioned just over three miles from another large Walmart, this new store will serve a densely populated area craving additional retail options.


  • Retail and Dining Neighbors: Shoppers at the new Supercenter will enjoy easy access to neighboring businesses such as Starbucks and Chipotle, enriching the overall shopping experience.


  • Investment and Timeline: With an investment of $13.5 million, construction is set to start in mid-2023, aiming for a grand opening in August 2025.


  • Broader Expansion: This store is a key part of Walmart’s strategy to open and remodel numerous stores across the country, focusing on enhancing the shopping environment and customer satisfaction.


  • Enhanced Employee Benefits: Walmart has increased the base pay for hourly employees significantly, demonstrating a strong commitment to its workforce during this expansion.


The upcoming Walmart Supercenter in Frisco is not just an expansion—it's a transformative development that positions Frisco as a major retail hub in Texas. 


By introducing one of the largest Walmart stores in the state, Frisco is set to offer unmatched retail amenities and convenience, fostering economic growth and enhancing the community's lifestyle.


As Frisco continues to grow, this new Walmart will undoubtedly become a key player in its vibrant retail landscape, setting new standards for shopping experiences in Texas.


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