Avantika Vandanapu Wins "South Asian Person of the Year" at Harvard

Written on 04/10/2024
Asia91 Team

Indian-American actress Avantika Vandanapu, celebrated for her role in Mean Girls, has been honored by Harvard University with the "South Asian Person of the Year" award.

Avantika Vandanapu, an Indian-American actress known for her performance in ‘Mean Girls’, has been recognized as the "South Asian Person of the Year" by Harvard University. She expressed that her career is just starting.

Key Insight:

  • Award Recognition: Avantika received the award for her impressive work and impact in both the international and Indian entertainment sectors.


  • Career Highlights: Avantika played a significant role in the new version of ‘Mean Girls’ and recently appeared in her first Indian OTT series, ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’.


  • Personal Reflections: Avantika feels deeply honored by the recognition from Harvard University, which she finds both humbling and motivating. She credits the award to her efforts in promoting Indian narratives globally.


Avantika Vandanapu is grateful for the love and support from her fans worldwide. Winning this award reinforces her commitment to exploring diverse stories and representing Indian culture in global media.

She looks forward to future projects and hopes to inspire more Indian artists to make their mark internationally.