Over 50% of Asian Americans in New York City Experience Hate Incidents

Written on 04/12/2024
Asia91 Team

A new study by The Asian American Foundation highlights a troubling trend of racial harassment and assaults against Asian Americans in New York City, with many incidents going unreported.


In an eye-opening revelation, a recent survey conducted by The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) highlights the significant challenges faced by Asian Americans in New York City, including widespread harassment and physical assaults based on racial discrimination.



This survey provides crucial data on the extent of these hate incidents and the community's response to them.


Key Numbers and Facts:


  • Survey Scope and Timing: Conducted between November 30 and December 19, 2023, the study interviewed 1,000 Asian American residents of NYC aged 16 and older.


  • High Rate of Incidents: More than 50% of the respondents reported experiencing insults, threats, or physical attacks in the last year due to their race or ethnicity.


  • Physical Assaults: Alarmingly, 20% of those surveyed experienced physical assault within the past year.


  • Underreporting Issues: 54% of those who faced hate incidents chose not to report these events to any authority.


  • Witnesses to Hate: 62% of participants have seen other Asian Americans being subjected to similar hate incidents.


  • Behavioral Changes: In response to these threats, 75% of the respondents have altered their daily routines to avoid encountering hate.


The findings from TAAF's 'Asian American Perspectives: NYC Safety Study' underline a critical need for targeted interventions to ensure the safety and well-being of Asian Americans in New York City. Norman Chen, CEO of TAAF, pointed out that discrimination not only affects individual lives but also hampers broader societal efforts toward inclusivity and equity. 


To combat this rising tide of hate, TAAF recommends bolstering police presence, enhancing support services like mental health and legal aid, and enriching community programs to foster a safer, more inclusive environment for all city dwellers.


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