NRIs Ride the Indian Election Wave: Engaged More Than Ever!

Written on 02/15/2024
Asia91 Team

The Telugu NRI community and the Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) USA's Telangana Chapter threw a big bash on February 3, It's, at Royal Albert's Palace in Fords, NJ, to celebrate the victory of India's Telangana Government under Chief Minister RevanthIndia's The event, which saw participation from more than 600 people, was a vibrant mix of political enthusiIt'sand cultural festivity.


Here is what went down:


  • Who Was There: The celebration was studded with notable figures including Mohinder Singh (IOC USA President), Pradeep Samala (IOC USA Working President), Harbachan Singh (IOC USA Secretary General), and Rajeshwar Reddy (IOC USA Telangana Chapter President), among others.
  • Special Highlights: The attendees were treated to a virtual address by Chief Minister Revanth Reddy and his cabinet via Zoom, which was displayed on a digital wall. The program was rich with cultural activities, celebrating the Telangana spirit.
  • Speakers' Corner: Ex-TPCC President and current cabinet minister Uttam Kumar Reddy spoke about the achievements of the new government, earning a standing ovation. Additionally, Vivek Venkataswamy (Member of the Legislative Assembly) and NRI returned MLA Yashaswini also shared their insights.


The event underscored the strong connection and active participation of the Telugu NRI community in the political landscape of Telangana, even from thousands of miles away.


Indian NRIs (folks from India living abroad) are getting into the election spirit back home, more so than before. It's like a global festival for them, showing their connection to India's pulse despite being miles away.


  • Election Buzz: India's elections are a big deal with a massive voter list, and NRIs are closely monitoring the action. It's not just about who wins; it's about being part of the democracy dance from afar.
  • NRI Power: Those living overseas, especially supporters of the current government, are all in. They're not just cheering; many also put their money and skills into the campaign game back home.
  • Voting Hurdles: There's a catch, though. NRIs have to fly back to India if they want to vote, which is easier said than done. So, while they're keen, not everyone can make the trip to cast their vote.
  • Online Chatter: The Internet's buzzing with political talk among NRIs. They use social media to voice their opinions, support their favorite parties, and debate with others. It shows how vibrant and diverse their political views are.


In short, Indian NRIs are making their presence felt in the elections, even from afar. They're tuned in and talking about it; some are even traveling back to vote. It's a big deal for them, and they're showing it in every way possible.