Netflix Drops Tamil Movie 'Annapoorani' Amid Hindu Sentiment Controversy

Written on 01/19/2024
Asia91 Team

The Tamil-language movie "Annapoorani: The Goddess of Food," featuring Nayanthara, received strong criticism from Hindu groups, which resulted in it being taken down from Netflix. The film originally premiered in theaters on December 1 and was well-received in South India, but it stirred controversy when it became available on Netflix.


Controversies surround Nayanthara's Annapoorani.


Nayanthara's 75th movie Annapoorani streamed on Netflix with a description that read: 'The daughter of a temple cook goes against her family's wishes to serve non-vegetarian dishes to demonstrate her cooking skill.'



A former Shiv Sena leader, Ramesh Solanki, filed a complaint against the movie for allegedly endorsing the concept of 'Love Jihad' and offending Hindu sentiments. The movie's narrative involves a Hindu girl aspiring to be a chef and being aided by a Muslim boy, which stirred debate among viewers.



.A section of people were offended by its content and alleged that the film hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad filed a complaint against the makers regarding the same. 




Zee Studios issued an apology letter for Annapoorani. A letter from Zee Studios went viral on social media, where they apologized for hurting Hindu religious sentiments in their film 'Annapoorani.' The letter is on Zee Studio's letterhead and addressed to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.



According to the letter, Zee has urged M/s Trident Arts, the film's co-producers, to address the problematic parts in the film and for Netflix to remove the movie from its OTT platform until it is not modified. Zee expressed remorse for offending the religious beliefs of the Hindu and Brahmin communities. Zee Studios issues an apology letter for Annapoorani.