U.S. Court Denies Bail for Venkatesh Reddy in a Unique and Shocking Abuse Case

Written on 12/27/2023
Asia91 Team

In St. Charles County, Missouri, a disturbing and disgraceful incident of abuse has come to light involving a young Indian man. The Prosecuting Attorney disclosed that the 20-year-old, referred to as Aarav( Not a real name), endured "brutal beatings" and various other forms of mistreatment. The accused, Venkatesh Reddy Sattaru, has been characterized as "very wealthy, powerful, and influential in India," according to charging documents.


Three people, 35-year-old Venkatesh Reddy Sattaru, 27-year-old Nikhil V. Penmatsa, and 23-year-old Sravan Penumetcha, all natives of Andhra Pradesh, were arrested by the U.S. police on charges of abusing, assaulting and enslaving a 20-year-old Telugu student.


Full Story: 


Victim Story as per the Attorney:


  • A young 20-year-old man, Aarav (not a real name), a relative of Venkatesh Reddy, arrived in the U.S.A. on a student visa from India, filled with hopes and dreams, only to find himself trapped in a nightmare scenario.
  • Initially welcomed into his relative Venkatesh Reddy's home, his living situation turned dark in April. From then on, the young man faced a daily reality of confinement and torment that is currently under investigation.
  • The basement became his prison, the cold concrete floor his bed, all under the constant gaze of a cold, unblinking surveillance camera.
  • Tasked with operating tasks for Sattaru's I.T. company, domestic chores, and grueling two-hour massages, any deviation from Venkatesh Reddy's exacting standards resulted in horrific physical abuse, not just from Sattaru but also from his other two cousins, 27-year-old Nikhil V. Penmatsa, and 23-year-old Sravan Penumetcha who came to the U.S.A. for studies.
  • The descriptions of the abuse are heart-wrenching: kicked, stomped on, and beaten with objects as mundane as electrical wires and P.V.C. pipes.
  • Adding a layer of cruelty, Venkatesh Reddy's accomplices would sometimes supervise the abuse via video calls, ensuring that the inflicted pain met Sattaru's cruel expectations.


How the authorities found the incident and Arrested three:


  • Aarav (not a real name) discreetly enters a nearby restaurant, visibly anxious and distressed, catching the attention of a compassionate citizen.


  • After exchanging contact information, Aarav communicated the extent of his abuse over the following days and called for help on Wednesday, November 29th, 2023.


  • Responding to the call, the police arrived at the given address. They are initially denied entry, but they stay close by and proceed to secure a warrant to arrest the suspects, including 35-year-old Venkatesh Reddy Sattaru.


Controvercies & Confusions:


  • Venkatesh's social media suggests he might be connected to the YSRCP leaders, but this still needs to be confirmed. Political parties in A.P. say the three people arrested are from the YSRCP, but the party denies Venkatesh Reddy ties with them.


  • His Facebook says he's the state coordinator for the YSRCP's legal group and part of several of its units, like teaching and medicine. He calls himself a "warrior of YSRCP" and talks about his social work online, but none of this has been proven true.


  • As per a media report, the defense attorney has suggested that the defendant might exaggerate the circumstances to elicit sympathy and possibly secure immigration advantages on humanitarian grounds. Defense attorneys argued against these claims, asserting the victim's desire for U.S. citizenship as a motive. However, as the investigation is ongoing, these claims still need to be confirmed.


Current Status of the Case:


  • The victim is now under medical care, enduring the healing process for multiple fractures encompassing his hands, feet, arms, nose, and ribs. In addition, he is receiving treatment for numerous lacerations and extensive scarring that marks his entire body.


  • A judge has decided that the three accused will stay in jail without the option for bail. They have to appear in court again next week. Last week, all three claimed they were not guilty. They're being jailed because they worry they might try to leave the country. Venkatesh Reddy Sattaru says he comes from a well-known family with business experience and a lot of business management know-how.